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Sega Genesis: Sonic ROM Hacks
by E-122-Psi

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Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog  (aka  Amy in Sonic 1 ) is a character swap hack of the game  Sonic the Hedgehog  for the  Sega Mega Drive , with character  Amy Rose  as playable character in place of  Sonic the Hedgehog . The games' sprites (modified from Sonic CD) use Amy's initial design prior to  Sonic Adventure . The game was modified by Sonic Retro member  E-122-Psi , with additional programming and coding by other members including  MarkeyJester ,  Aquaslash ,  Selbi  and ...
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Sega Genesis: Sonic ROM Hacks
by E-122-Psi

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Mighty the Armadillo in Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Mighty in Sonic 1) is a hack of Sonic 1 by E-122-Psi, starring Mighty as the playable character instead of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is modified to use Mighty's sprites in place of Sonic's, along with several modifications to the player's stats and abilities.
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Topics: Sonic the Hedgehog, Genesis, Mighty