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Software Clearance Bin
by Russobit-M, Burut Creative Team, Acclaim

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In the year 2944 humanity is still at war with the Tiglaary and a strange anomaly named Kreed gives the scientists riddles they can't solve. Some religious groups believe the Kreed is a higher being and many of them try to enter it. One day they finally succeed and under the command of Teofrast Rumi, a high ranking officer, a ship full of fanatics makes his way into the anomaly. As a soldier of the legion, you and your colleagues aboard the spaceship Aspero are sent after him. Kreed is a...
Topics: Kreed, PC CD-ROM, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Acclaim, FPS, First Person Shooter, Russian
Community Video
by Vivendi Universal Games, Inc., High Voltage Software, Inc.

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Larry Lovage learned everything he knows from his uncle, Larry Laffer, the famous polyester-clad fellow who starred in the previous games. Young Larry finally makes it to college, the best place to meet and pick up girls. He finds them everywhere .. in restaurants, night clubs, dormitories and at fraternity parties. All those scantilly clad, gorgeous babes! But, does Larry have half a chance to score with even one of them? Will he get a peek at what's underneath that braless, too-tight tank...
Topics: Leisure Suit Larry, Magna Cum Laude, Windows XP, PC CD-ROM, Vinvendi, Mini Games
CD-ROM Software Library
by Xilam, UbiSoft

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Five aliens - Candy, Etno, Gorgious, Stereo and Bud - crashland on Earth, and hide out in an abandoned house while they repair their spaceship. In the meantime, Dr Sakarin, an evil alien-collecting scientist has found out about them, and sends out his evil henchman Bolok to capture them. The player alternates between controlling each of the five aliens, and must help them escape. Stupid Invaders is based on the French and German animated TV series Space Goofs (also known as Home to Rent). The...
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Topics: Stupid Invaders, UbiSoft, Xilam, Windows 98 CD-ROM, PC CD-ROM, Cartoon Licened Game, Space Goofs
Software Clearance Bin
by 3 Romans LLC., ValuSoft Inc.

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Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks is a first-person shooter similar in themes and humour to the Redneck Rampage games. In the Yahoo Country in Mississippi, Steve Earl is informed by his cousin Ellie May that her goat Dixie has been stolen. Steve and Sheriff Cletus set out to search for it, but right at that moment the entire county is affected by nuclear waste, dumped in the river by a scientist, mutating all animals and turning the humans into zombies. Starting from the main,...
Topics: Windows XP CD-ROM, PC CD-ROM, Country Justice, Rednecks Revenge, FPS, Meme Game, 3 Romans LLC.,...