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CD-ROM Software Library
by Creature Labs, Infogrames

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Four intrepid heroes traveling through a dangerous Ghost Realm on an all-out quest to save the Queen of Pac-Land. Choose your favorite Pac character and head out to an exciting, all-you-can-eat pellet extravaganza. Roam free through an interactive 3D world avoiding ghosts, grabbing power-ups and doing whatever it takes to keep the other Pacs from eating those pellets! The Pac with the most pellets will free the Queen and be known as the mightiest hero of all! Play alone or with friends - once...
Topics: Pac-Man, Windows 98 CD-ROM, Puzzle Game, Multiplayer
Software Clearance Bin
by Dragonstone Software, Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc.

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The goofy, but courageous knight Dirk the Daring is on a quest to save the pretty princess Daphne. The princess was kidnapped by the evil dragon Singe and imprisoned in a medieval castle owned by an even more evil wizard called Mordroc. Now, it's only up to Dirk to use his courage and his quick reflexes to overcome the traps in the castle, if he wants to save the princess and his skin. Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair can be considered a re-imagining of the 1983 arcade game: gameplay-wise...
Topics: Dragons Lair, Windows CD-ROM, Don Bluth, Ubi Soft, Remake
CD-ROM Software Library
by Blitz Games Ltd, Infogrames, Inc.

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Note: I couldn't find the USA cover art, but this is the English version. The devious Yosemite Sam has captured Taz and locked him up as a circus animal and is planning to turn Taz's beloved homeland into a amusement park. But then Taz successfully escapes from the clutches of Sam and once again is going on the rampage to stop Sam's plans for his homeland. Blast your way through 15 different levels, each of which can be destroyed using spin, bounce and burp attacks. You can get foods such as...
Topics: Taz, Wanted, Windows 98, CD-ROM, Infogrames, Blitz Games, Looney Tunes