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The IPA Software Archive
by Chadtown

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You need a jailbroken device with appsync to play. Original Description - "The Doodle Army wants you! Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear the sweet screams of your victims as you strafe them with submachine gun fire or explode them with grenades. Doodle Army Boot Camp contains the first level of Doodle Army with an in game tutorial to guide you through the basics. Soon you will be on your way to creating your very own heaping piles...
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The IPA Software Archive
by Walaber

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Jelly car 1 - 2 and 3 all cracked you need a jailbroken device with appsync to play. JellyCar  (originally known as  JelloCar ) [1]  is the first in a series of  driving  and  platforming  video games developed by Tim FitzRandolph and released under the  pseudonym  Walaber. Initially released independently through  Xbox Live Indie Games  and later ported to devices using  Apple's   iOS  operating system,  JellyCar  requires players to drive a car across a two-dimensional...
Topics: IPA, app, mobile game