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by Alexis Rossi

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This introduction to using the Wayback Machine includes information about searching by URL or keyword, understanding provenance, and saving your own pages, along with other features. Wayback Machine Browser Extensions & add ons:  Chrome Firefox Safari Wayback Machine apps:  iOS Android Resources Help Center - Wayback Machine Fact Checks and Context for Wayback Machine Pages (2020) The Wayback Machine’s Save Page Now is New and Improved (2019) Wayback Machine Playback… now with...
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Topics: internet archive, wayback machine Help Documentation & Videos
by Alexis Rossi

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TV News Archive and Radio Archive tour conducted by Alexis Rossi
Topics: tv archive, radio archive, internet archive Help Documentation & Videos
by Alexis Rossi

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The Internet Archive is a nonprofit library founded to gather knowledge in digital formats and make it available to everyone in the world for free. As part of the Internet Archive’s mission of “Universal Access to All Knowledge,” we have spent years building up collections of books, web pages, TV, movies, radio, concerts, etc.  But 40+ million objects can be a daunting library to navigate. This video will focus on:  An overview of some major collections on and how to use...
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