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Poster: xtifr Date: May 25, 2006 6:59pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: speaking of images, some technical questions

Yes, I figured out that "item image" was a format after I posted. In fact, someone (presumably a staff member) tried that with my show, making the front cover image into the Item Image. And that clued me in.

Unfortunately, the change didn't seem to work. The front cover is listed in the "Individual Files" area as the Item Image, but the back cover is still being displayed at the top of the page. So something's not working right. Apparently.

Thanks for the size info. I'm going to go ahead and try uploading thumbnails for a couple of my other shows. I'll name the thumbnails "archive_image.jpg" so they'll sort first, alphabetically, AND I'll mark them as "item image", which should cover all the bases. But I'll leave the show above alone for at least a few more days, in case any of the staff want to look at it or experiment with it.

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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: May 25, 2006 9:27pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: speaking of images, some technical questions

Apparently there is a bug ;) Thanks. I'll investiage and try to make it give priority for files tagged with "Item Image" - by that token, only one file should have that format, or else you won't know which one the system will choose.

Will try to look at it in the coming days.


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Poster: xtifr Date: May 26, 2006 7:25am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: speaking of images, some technical questions

Thanks. I realize this isn't a high-priority issue (to say the least), but I did some more experimentation with another show, and you may be interested in the results. This was a show that didn't already have any image files to confuse matters. Just a PDF. First, I extracted an image from the PDF, shrunk it down to 160x160, named it "archive_image.jpg", uploaded it, and then tagged it as "Item Image". It wasn't displayed at all; the standard (default) Archive logo was shown instead. Then I decided to try the FAQ's advice, and renamed the image to "item-identifier.jpg" (i.e. "rad1985-11-08.flac16.jpg"), and, once again, tagged it as "Item Image," but that didn't help either. So then I tried tagging it as a JPEG, and then it showed up! Then I renamed it back to "archive_image.jpg", and left it tagged as JPEG, and it still showed up. edit: at each stage of the above testing, I had to (and did) wait for the metadata changes to be reflected in the show detail page. I checked the "Individual Files" section to make sure that the image file was listed, and was tagged the way I expected, before looking to see if the image was being displayed. So there we have it. At the moment, the "Item Image" tag is not working correctly. And the advice in the FAQ is nearly, but not quite correct. The uploaded image does not have to be named "identifier.jpg", but it does have to sort, alphabetically, first before any other image files that may be in the same directory. As an aside, though, I have to say that I'm really pleased with the fact that I can check items in and out now, in order to try things like this. There are some parts of the LMA/Archive merger that have left me not-so-thrilled, but this one was well worth the price of admission! :) Note to the peanut gallery: this show, unlike the previous one, is on my personal must-have list. A true classic of New Orleans Rock'n'Roll.
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