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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: May 16, 2006 9:58am
Forum: OptOutBands Subject: Imparted info about "No, thanks" bands to go here

The Live Music Archive has just moved to a new system. Under the old system, there were placeholders within the LMA collection for "pending" band names who were contacted but didn't reply back (or for whom people were even just thinking about contacting), and for bands that had just made a pending section themselves but did not email a heads-up to LMA admins to activate it. There were similar placeholders for bands that already said "No thanks", as a means to leave notes about that. The new system will have sections only for *activated* bands, who want to have their live, lossless audio performances available/archived. All new, active sections will be created by curators. Since it is still handy to keep track of which bands have been contacted but not replied yet- or who said No to the idea- we will use these two forums to make notes: These are Announcement-style forums to which curators but not others can post. If you have contacted a band and want curators to know about it (whether or not you have heard back either way), please contact LMA volunteer curators via email at We can add some notes to either of these forums, or else set up a new section for the band. If you are in a band and want to say either OK or NO to having music in LMA, likewise email us! Some older information we have on record will be added to this forum gradually. FTR The tracking page for the old system, "Trade Friendly Band Information" was
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