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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 6, 2022 10:20am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: AUG 69 1/6 Tull, Blind Faith, CCR, Muddy Waters

AUG 69


JETHRO TULL - album - STAND UP - Aug 1 (UK), Sept. 1969 (US)
With the departure of co leader, guitarist Mick Abrahams, after the first album, the band was now dominated by Ian Anderson . And though there still was some of the blues feeling form that first record, there was more of an English folk, and jazz feel . The band now sounds like what were think of as Jethro Tull . It is hard to pick as there are some great songs here . The original LP had an interior standup cut out, that would raise when you opened the gatefold .
Blues hold over .

BLIND FAITH - album - Aug
The band , and album could not have ever met the exceptions put upon it . The ultimate super group, Eric Clapton, and Ginger Baker from Cream, Stevie Winwood from Traffic, and Rick Gretch from Family . But form the start it was short circuited by Ginger Baker uninvitedly joining them . Clapton had wanted to work with Winwood , but REALLY didn’t want to work with the extremely difficult Baker, and when he joined it dramatically reduced his interest in the band . It sold well, but has had an uneven critical response . Even the positive reviews felt hat this should have been better . That aside, I am one those that likes’ it . The best things “Can’t Find My Way Home,”Presence of The Lord”, and “Sea of Joy” are up there with the best thing Winwood , or Clapton ever did . Baker’s15 minuet “Do What You Like” , is the main problem here . There was controversy with the album cover, featuring a topless 11 years old girl , in the US it got a different cover . This was their only album .
Love Clapton’s sour tasting Leslie speaker guitar .

To me, this is their most consistent album . Most of their other album are more uneven . Part of what makes this album so good, is that the lesser know songs all have a good feel, the record flows well . The band has added a rockabilly, and country feel to their swamp rock .And in an era where most band felt they had to jam it out, all but the sober “Wrote A Song For Everyone” fails to reach reach the four min. mark . For my point of view, this is the best “roots/country” influenced rock album between it and “Big Pink” by The Band . It included the “Band Moon Rising”/“Lodi” , single , and the “Green River”/“Commotion” single released just before the album . All songs were by John Fogerty except their album closing cover of Ray Charles’ “the Night Time Is The Right Time” .
+10 points for any song that calls San Bernardino “San Berdoo” .
Title track lip synch on the Andy Willams Show (!!)

This one of those all star albums that works . The “rock” guys were at home with the blues more than most, Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, and Donald “Duck” Dunn, Sam Lay had played with Little Walter, and Otis Span had played with Muddy since 1952 . This was as much an artistic success as “Electric Mud” had been a failure . Instead of trying to update his sound is stuck to his classic 1950’s sound . This was the approach mostly used on those Jonny Winter Muddy Waters albums, years later . This was his biggest record till “Hard Again” in 1977 .

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Poster: Diamondhead Date: May 8, 2022 3:20pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: AUG 69 1/6 Tull, Blind Faith, CCR, Muddy Waters

Cause of you I just revisited CCR. I have only a greatest hits, but still. Fogerty's songs have held up way better than most. He wrote a shitload of good songs. I now see him as someone who was somewhat underrated. Keep em coming. 😎
Steve Winwood recently. Dude is awesome. Yay old folks.