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Poster: Nomed70 Date: Apr 7, 2022 4:05am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors,Yes,Leslie West

Unfortunate about the bad acid. I never encounter sub-par windowpane. By the middle of the 70's most of the original manufacturers were gone and quality control was then hit and miss. The Barrels and Blotter period was often a buyer beware unless you knew the chemist.
My QC procedure was to purchase enough for a while and then have novices do field testing. Looks like you may have been the cop and swallow type.
Nowadays we just wish the often threatened "Flashbacks" would occur. "Please sir, some more mosaic landscapes and floating gold rings! And a bit of universal love?"

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Poster: capsgd Date: Apr 7, 2022 4:51pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors,Yes,Leslie West

universal love -wasn't that a spinal tap 60s song?
windowpane -good...
YES's- Roundabout bad song and pesticide

1970-73 orange red yellow and black barrels
the real thing 150-200 mics
see sunshine makers story -SCal Brotherhood
pyramid was a version of windowpane good
blotter 80s-90s mostly what a friend calls disco hits
50 mics?
and I remember/flashback what I know;
when needed.
why just mosaic ?
floating gold rings?
maybe in a pool of mercury
I did know a guy in 71' who spent 8 hrs on acid blowing smoke rings
he said in the stillness of this attic, the rings drifted 10-15 ft
busy being born or busy dying-
"not to die but to be reborn"