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Poster: capsgd Date: Apr 6, 2022 9:15am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors, Yes, & Leslie West

hey Dudley -one of the Doors said a couple thousand people -many had cameras- NOT ONE PICTURE OF AN EXPOSED MORRISON exists -remember he was also fucking young goat/lamb????
they have that picture -but Morrison is SPEAKING about how the crowd are like sheep - ( the crowded auditorium was over- sold, sweaty kids were packed in like sardines.
yes there were sheep-like the people calling out for Jim to expose himself-at many shows he didn't-
and sheep like people who believed the hippie-hating Florida media/cops.

a Doors fan that never listen to the surviving ( 90s)
band members explain Miami

yes Soft Parade sucks -Morrison not wanting to share credits is also wrong - Morrison stated he was uncomfortable with lyric on 'Tell all the people' Follow me down
Can't you see me growing, get your guns
The time has come
To follow me down
Follow me across the sea
Where milky babies seem to be
Molded, flowing revelry
With the one that set them free sounds like Morrison is not only a 'savior' (haha)
but it also says -'get your gun'
another crappy thing about Soft Parade was the lame-o cover
'taking a picture of 'us' semi clever maybe ok as small pic inside

as a 15-16 yr old I loved looking at psychedelic LP covers
(and bead-curtain, black-lite, incense

funny story there 68 I walk into a Ocean city NJ headshop
Desraeli Gears by Cream is playing
I say that great who is it
the spaced hippie either mistakenly or to prank me says-
its the Doors new LP
I go to a record store and I'm handed "Waiting for the Sun"
when I played it -noticing it wasn't what I'd heard -but grew to love
I think acid gave Jim lyrics and booze took them away
wishful sinful and light my fire is Kreiger trying to write like Morrison (some good, some JM didn't want credit for- )
JM needed music rudder
JM never seemed to join in with other bands
( other then the drunk /off key mess in the Hendrix audience )

in early 70s surviving Doors members toured without their 'singer' and found out how much he was missed.

-also inside fold drawing reminded me of the commercial 60s art
that was making 'the Dodge Rebellion' and psychedelic tissue boxes.

reminds of that incredibly stupid line in the 69' Airplane
about being the enemy of 'private property'
so they rented the limo -and cocaine?

also while getting off on a major window acid trip somebodies girlfriend put on YES just awful -it abruptly threw me and 3 friends from the room - later when the air was clear we reentered to put on happy trails by QSM and all was well
afterwards hearing "Roundabout' would flashback that sour feeling-right up there with Lord Such and his heavy friends
doing 'L-O-N-D-O-N'

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Apr 7, 2022 5:46pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors, Yes, & Leslie West

Thanks for the comments . The Miami thing is still debated . I suspect something happened, but you are right to point out its not certain exactly what .One thing for certain, it hung over them till the end .
On those two post Jim Doors records, it is sort of sad, Kreiger, who early on had been a decent songwriter, just didn't have it anymore . "Other Voices" has a couple of ok songs, but like a lot of bands from the era, the well had dried up . The next record ,"Full Circle" is best forgotten ...

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Poster: Nomed70 Date: Apr 8, 2022 5:07am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors, Yes, & Leslie West

Thanks again for the thought provoking posts.The 'Creative Genius' verses 'Commercial Production' thing is a subject that touches most of the physical worlds creations by humans.
So, is imagining a unique new musical scale and time beat organization which is then used to organize sounds into a just barely endured musical piece better than using a oft repeated and solidly codified blues format to play a song that causes deep emotional feeling? Mondrian was a genius but could have gone from point A to Point E quicker if he didn't need to produce salable materials.
I've notice the early "A-Ha!" idea portion of my own "artiste" sculptures is usually followed by exhilarating production technique discoveries during the early creation portion of production. But making 25 of the same thing turns the process into drudgery.
Imagine the rush you feel the first time the band you're in finally connects and you all fly together. Then go down the road a few years to where someone says, "Again, but this time more cowbell, the mic was too low." And throw in that you notice talent-less hacks with better financed backing being rewarded with public acclaim and payment for what can only be called lackluster performances. My own creative thoughts would be centered elsewhere.
The best music I ever heard was played in a woods once at a random spot by musicians and vocalists who met that one time in that one place and never met again. Should they be forced to go back and play every Friday night at 9?

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Poster: Nomed70 Date: Apr 7, 2022 4:05am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors,Yes,Leslie West

Unfortunate about the bad acid. I never encounter sub-par windowpane. By the middle of the 70's most of the original manufacturers were gone and quality control was then hit and miss. The Barrels and Blotter period was often a buyer beware unless you knew the chemist.
My QC procedure was to purchase enough for a while and then have novices do field testing. Looks like you may have been the cop and swallow type.
Nowadays we just wish the often threatened "Flashbacks" would occur. "Please sir, some more mosaic landscapes and floating gold rings! And a bit of universal love?"

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Poster: capsgd Date: Apr 7, 2022 4:51pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JULY 69 3/4 Doors,Yes,Leslie West

universal love -wasn't that a spinal tap 60s song?
windowpane -good...
YES's- Roundabout bad song and pesticide

1970-73 orange red yellow and black barrels
the real thing 150-200 mics
see sunshine makers story -SCal Brotherhood
pyramid was a version of windowpane good
blotter 80s-90s mostly what a friend calls disco hits
50 mics?
and I remember/flashback what I know;
when needed.
why just mosaic ?
floating gold rings?
maybe in a pool of mercury
I did know a guy in 71' who spent 8 hrs on acid blowing smoke rings
he said in the stillness of this attic, the rings drifted 10-15 ft
busy being born or busy dying-
"not to die but to be reborn"