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Poster: Corbin Smith621 Date: Jul 4, 2021 7:17pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Help! Creator looking to recover locked upload

Someone graciously uploaded a video I made in 2007 and I was so excited to find it on
But I think only an archive admin had download privileges?
Is there any way that:
a) someone can help me download it
b) as the creator, give permission to have it viewable and downloadable?

Video in question here:

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Poster: BLPMedia Date: Oct 27, 2021 3:23pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Help! Creator looking to recover locked upload

The Funny or Die! videos all seem to be pro level and one would think these would be known as a "work for hire" as the creator you should know what that means when it comes to the items copyright.

Being the creator does not one the items owner, reread your contract.
Only the owner would be able to give permissions anf from what I've seen here on IA the company as a whole has asked for the items to be blocked. Sucks, but that is how things can work. A lot of stuff from G4 has been done this way, I've even seen Rev3 stuff blocked and all of that stuff came with a SA of some form. Look on youtube, they seem to only care when they get cought.