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Poster: Alison OK Date: Jan 27, 2019 10:59am
Forum: news Subject: Kim Komando: Time travel the internet with Wayback and Internet Archive founder

Listen to the fascinating history of the Wayback Machine and

Imagine having a library of everything. All published works of humankind available permanently. The Wayback Machine and are digital versions of that concept.

In this podcast, join Kim as she talks with Brewster Kahle, founder of the Wayback Machine and, a free online digital library that has been archiving web pages since the mid-1990s.

After earning a fortune by selling technologies to AOL and Amazon, Kahle set out on a mission to create an archive of web content so anyone can access it for free and without barriers. Think about what you’d like to go back and find online — there’s a way. Plus, find out how you can contribute your family’s history to the archive of the internet.

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