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Poster: Alison OK Date: Dec 17, 2018 10:20am
Forum: news Subject: Research Buzz: A Couple of Quick Bookmarklets For Viewing a Suspended / Deleted Twitter User

As I move away from Facebook I’m spending more time on Twitter. Not that Twitter has some kind of claim of moral authority over Facebook, and I’ll probably move on to more MeWe/Mastodon eventually, but in the meantime I’m using Twitter and it has one big annoyance for me: Twitter jail.

Twitter kicks people off its platform like many social media sites do, but Twitter jail is when someone is temporarily suspended. The Tama Tonga example is the best non-political example I could find. Professional wrestler Tama Tonga got into a pretty fierce online altercation with a fan, then had his account locked by Twitter for a period of time (24 hours? 48? It’s not clear) after which he came back to Twitter looking for the person who got him suspended. Twitter will also apparently lock your account if you tweet too much within a certain time span.

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