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Poster: Alison OK Date: Nov 21, 2018 10:57am
Forum: news Subject: Wired: The Invisible Hit Parade: How Unofficial Recordings Have Flowered in the 21st Century

Most times, Eric Pier-Hocking will get to the venue before you do. It's not because he wants to be in the front row, grab some limited edition merch, or even meet the performing musicians. But all of those sometimes occur in the line of duty.

This evening at Trans-Pecos near the Brooklyn-Queens border, he is in the front, though only because the room is small and the exact center of the stage in front of the performer is the most convenient place to set up his microphones. Plus, there's a booth alongside the nearby wall where he can sit. And he will be acquiring something rare, in that he's about to make a high-fidelity recording of an exquisite performance by acoustic guitarist Daniel Bachman. And, in fact, he does meet the artist, as well. "Mostly just to say hi," Pier-Hocking shrugs. The show isn't empty, but it's far from a sell-out. In time, though, more people will be able to hear Bachman's performance. Pier-Hocking is there to preserve the music and share it. In the process, he has become a valuable part of the 21st century musical ecosystem.

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