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Poster: Alison OK Date: Aug 4, 2018 10:03am
Forum: news Subject: Medium: Activists & Archivists Convene to Build a Digital Utopia

Mainstream journalists focus on the big players in tech: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon while ignoring what is becoming a tectonic shift in the control and ownership of the web from the private to the public sector.

That was the game plan of DWeb Summit 2018, hosted by the Internet Archive at the old San Francisco Mint August 1 and 2, preceded by a builders day for developers creating free, open, and non-tracking applications for billions of digitally connected users worldwide. Attending were a mix of old and new: Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the worldwide web and now with MIT, presented a new platform, Solid, to democratize the web. Ironically, Google evangelist and also early Internet inventor Vint Cerf attended….ironic because Google represents everything the decentralized web developers want to challenge.

Unlike most tech conferences, this one included not only tech wizards like Bram Cohen, founder of Bitorrent, and Phil Rosedale, former CEO of Second Life, but also civil rights lawyers such as Jennifer Granick from the ACLU, nonprofit founders like EFF’s John Gilmore, as well as artists and the web philosopher Joseph Poon, whose Handshake experiment leverages blockchain to create a democratic and decentralized certificate authority and naming system. The goal of this DWeb Summit 2018, according to its host, the Internet Archive, the world’s largest digital library, is to create a decentralized web, which is not only free of gatekeepers and censors but also open to all.

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