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Poster: Mychance Date: Feb 26, 2016 9:28am
Forum: movies Subject: View thumbnails in new website


Sorry if this issue has been submitted before.

I don't like the look of the new website and never will but since we have no choice, it looks like that we have to get used to it. One feature I appreciated very much about the old site was the ability to look see thumbnails for the movies. Is there any way we can see them with the new website ? I don't seem to find it.

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Feb 27, 2016 3:48pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: View thumbnails in new website

right now, you can click play to start the video (and then stop it if you like). you can then move along the "scrubber" / timeline area and see the same exact thumbnails hover up, click-ably so, and they'll jump right into that time.

we are hoping a player upgrade will allow us to *not* have to start the video player first -- but likely if that's not the case, i gonna have to write some code to do it ourselves 8-)

hope that's helpful!
-tracey, IA TV, video, and audio specialist

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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Feb 27, 2016 3:13pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: View thumbnails in new website - Attention IA User Interface Team

Hello, IA Interface Team; see the parent post, one flight up.

I thought that this was an issue deserving your attention, hence the post title. The thumbnails are a useful and important part of a video page, and I hope that they can be incorporated into the new Internet Archive. If they are already there, and we're just not seeing the link, can you point us in the right direction?



Hello, Mychance
No one seems to have given you a good answer yet, so I'll give you a bad one, and reactivate this thread.

I've been saving links to important Classic Archive pages, trying to get them all before the March 15th cut-off. One that I've saved is the link to the thumbnail page of a video, in this case, Kansas City Confidential:

Stop reading now, visit that page, put it in your favourites menu, then come back.

Now, it's March 16th, you're on the IA page for The Big Combo:

You want to see The Big Combo's thumbnails, but there's no link. Here's what you do:

1 - Go up to your browser's address bar, and copy everything after the last slash, in this case 'TheBigComboCornellWilde1955BOO'.

2 - Go to your favourites menu and click the link to the thumbnails page that you saved.

3 - On that page, in the address bar, highlight everything after the 'equals' sign, then paste there what you copied from the original page, in step one. Hit enter, and there are your Big Combo thumbnails.

In other words, in the thumbnail page's address bar, you're changing this:


to this:


then hit 'Enter', and there's Cornel Wilde where John Payne was.


I know that this is a half-assed way to view the thumbnails, but half an ass is better than none. Forgive me if I dumbed down my instructions a bit more than I needed to, but we never know the computer skills of someone who may be reading our posts in the future (not that I'm exactly a computer genius myself). Here's hoping that the IA team addresses this issue, so that my bad instructions can be ignored.

Another page that I can't find on the New Archive, one that you may want to stuff into your favourites, is the one for viewing the latest posts from all forums, on a single page. If you want to view more posts than this page shows, changing the '50' and the end of the URL to '100' or more works, so far. Here's the link:

My only fear is that the ability to use these pages on the New Archive is based on some snippet of code that's buried in the Classic Archive, and that this method of thumbnail or forum viewing will disappear when they hit the big red 'Delete' button.

Come to think of it, I wonder who gets to hit that 'Delete' button. I wonder if they'll be smiling.

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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Feb 27, 2016 3:52pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: View thumbnails in new website - Attention IA User Interface Team

Okay, right after I submitted the post above, I read some more recent forum posts and saw that this issue was being addressed in another thread; here's the link to it:

Here's what IA ninja Jeff Kaplan had to say about the thumbnails:


"thumbs are currently found by swiping above the playbar of a video and they are clickable."

"bringing back thumbs is under consideration but that is no guarantee they will be a feature soon."


In other words, the video has to already be playing. Put your cursor over the video, and when the progress bar appears, run your cursor along it, and click on any thumbnail that appears above the playbar to jump to that point in the film. Good for finding the place you left off the previous night when you fell asleep in the chair, but for questions re identifying a film, i.e. "Is this the film with Lawrence Olivier and Vivian Leigh, where Carmen Miranda wears three bananas and a pumpkin on her hat?", I still prefer the thumbnail page.

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Poster: Mychance Date: Feb 29, 2016 8:44am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: View thumbnails in new website - Attention IA User Interface Team

Thanks for your response Harry. I guess these guys are confusing "player preview", which was already available with the old site anyway, and "thumbnails" that you can see all at once.

I guess these cosmetic changes go with this tendencies that is going on with General User Interfaces where programmers will try remove as much as possible from what was up to then quite useful and handy. I may be a bit old fashioned but I am getting quite annoyed of always starting to play hide and seek with what what so conveniently at the right place before. I guess they've never heard of "if it ain't break..."

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 27, 2016 5:31pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: View sorrow in new website

Mr Wilson,
Most of the currently discussed problems were patiently demonstrated and documented to the staff during the beginning of the end, Feb/Apr 2015. There are forum postings to help users with these issues posted then if you search. There are also the either misunderstood or deliberately misleading comments and directions by the presumed site administrators. (It is no longer possible to tell for sure who is staff as the star seems to be optional.)It is stated by admins in those past postings that the community and contributions are no longer the Internet Archives main concern. And the format change first and the need for fixes and working modules later shows a full set of other problems.
This situation and the sorry state of things makes it difficult for trolls like me to snark. Even the worst troll I know would not make fun of a horrible train wreck such as this.

PS: thumbs are still there but the link is hidden.