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Poster: DoubleACS Date: Sep 30, 2014 4:53pm
Forum: movies Subject: HD and SD versions of the same video.


Is it possible that when an HD video gets uploaded that instead of letterboxing the SD (MPEG2) derivative, that the video is instead side cropped to make it look full 4x3?

If not, is there a way to upload an HD version of the video and do the following:

1. Derive the H.264 and OGG version from the HD version

2. Not derive an MPEG2 version

3. Upload an SD version and "link" it to the main identifier of the HD version.


4. Not derive other versions from the SD version.

Thank you,

-Jim Jones

Reply [edit]

Poster: tracey pooh Date: Oct 10, 2014 10:37am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: HD and SD versions of the same video.

hi there,
well we don't really letterbox unless the video itself has some unusual characteristics.

for example, if the source video is 16:9 (or less common 16:9 "anamorhpic" w/ "rectangular pixels" (eg: advanced DVD format style))
then we will make a 16:9 .mp4 from it for playback on our site.

the source HD video *can* also be setup in a way where the player gets a nice SD and HD toggle, but that has a bunch more requirements on the HD source video
(needs to be h.264 video inside, needs to be AAC audio inside, needs to have the "moov atom" at the front of the file, some more typical pixel format requirements, etc.)

hope that's *sort* of helpful,
or we can discuss more.
feel free to drop a /details/ page style link and I can take a look and feedback...