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Poster: Dania Abboud Date: Dec 8, 2013 11:24am
Forum: education Subject: Re: E-Learning

I absolutely agree with you . I've been teaching English language since two months, and I tried my best to incorporate technology with the curriculum . I relied on power point presentation in preparing my lessons; I even created an online class on easyclass to upload all the materials . I think it's something really great and has many advantages ; the parents could have access to teaching materials given in class , so that we could create a link between school and home .Moreover ,absent students could follow up with us from home .Unfortunately , the students objected on this method of teaching ; they said" t" we get used to write on our copybooks" !! So now , I write on the board and they copy and paste on their copybooks . I think it's really a waste of time and nonsense . They all have access to internet ;by one click they could get everything I did.Instead, we can do more practice and activities in class. What you mentioned about " self-direction "might be a key to understand my students' attitude.I think the students feel more " secure " when they depend on the teachers and copybooks? they got lost since " all dawns disturb " :(