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Hooniverse: Wayback Machine Allows a Peek into Defunct Detroit Automaker Websites Alison OK 0
Laughing Squid: An Amazing Collection of Pulp Magazines Going Back 75 Years Is Available Online at The Internet Archive Alison OK 0
Far Out Magazine: Over 100,000 historic vinyl records are being digitised and made available to stream online for free Alison OK 2
   Re: Far Out Magazine: Over 100,000 historic vinyl records are being digitised and made available to stream online for free Neeraj Archive 0
GigaZine: ウェブ上の情報を記録・保存する「インターネット・アーカイブ」の存続をひっそりと脅かしているものとは? Alison OK 0
ActuaLitte: Plongez dans l'art japonais de la fin du XIXe siècle grâce à ce magazine numérisé Alison OK 0
Library Journal: Better World Libraries, Internet Archive Partner, Acquires Better World Books Alison OK 0
Open Culture: The Internet Archive Is Digitizing & Preserving Over 100,000 Vinyl Records: Hear 750 Full Albums Now Alison OK 0
Against The Grain: ATG Newsflash: For the Love of Literacy–Better World Books and the Internet Archive Unite to Preserve Millions of Books Alison OK 0
Research Information: Better World Books affiliates with Internet Archive Alison OK 0
Wired: The Internet Archive Is Making Wikipedia More Reliable Alison OK 0
BoingBoing: The Internet Archive's Open Library will let you sponsor a book, paying for it to be scanned Alison OK 0
BetaNews: Internet Archive makes its content available offline Alison OK 0
GHacks: Internet Archive's Wayback Machine gets Compare and Collections features Alison OK 0
Fast Company: Fill dead time with these 5 free boredom-busting apps, games, and sites Alison OK 0
Financial Times: How the Internet Archive is waging war on misinformation Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: 11 Incredibly Useful Websites You Might Not Know About Alison OK 0
PC Mag: How to View a Cached Version of a Website Alison OK 0
BoingBoing: Data-mining reveals that 80% of books published 1924-63 never had their copyrights renewed and are now in the public domain Alison OK 0
Medium: How to Access Pages Missing from the Internet Alison OK 0
BoingBoing: A free, accessible, hyperlinked version of the Mueller Report Alison OK 0
NBC News: Building a new Internet: The bold plan to decentralize the web Alison OK 0
TheNextWeb: The Wayback Machine can now highlight changes in copy on websites Alison OK 0
Reader's Digest: 15 Ways to Download and Listen to Free Audiobooks (Legally) Alison OK 0
GNT: La Wayback Machine peut signaler les changements sur les sites Alison OK 0
TechAeris: What happened to the ‘old internet’? We used to have so much variety and choice – it’s all collapsed, or has it? Alison OK 0
MediaPost: Can Dweb Save The Internet? Alison OK 0
KQED: An Idiosyncratic 'Recorder' of Television Sheds Light on How the News Shapes History Alison OK 0
La Lettura: Nella memoria della rete Alison OK 0
The London Free Press: Will there be a virtual afterlife? The race is on to save our digital selves from oblivion Alison OK 0 Data Overload- Web Archives and the Challenges of Scale Alison OK 0
Library Journal: Internet Archive Expands Partnerships for Open Libraries Project Alison OK 0
Atlas Obscura: The Remarkable Story of a Woman Who Preserved Over 30 Years of TV History Alison OK 0
Team Human: Ep. 128 Brewster Kahle "The Library of Everything" Alison OK 0
The Irish Times: Archiving the Net: ‘Preserving the web isn’t impossible’ Alison OK 0
The Power of Libraries: Welcome Open Libraries Project Alison OK 0
Marketplace: If it’s online, it’s not permanent. Internet archives can disappear. Alison OK 0
Smithsonian Institution Archives: Searching and Using Web Archives Alison OK 0
ID Boox: 50 000 disques 78 Tours numérisés mis en ligne et gratuits Alison OK 0
WBUR: By Archiving Our Lives Online, Are We At Risk Of Losing More Than Just Data? Alison OK 0
Today: The Internet Archive wants to be a digital library for everything Alison OK 0
Folio: U of A digitization project aims to make valuable research accessible to all Alison OK 0
Forbes: Society Desperately Needs an Alternative Web Alison OK 0
The Verge: The World Wide Web turns 30: our favorite memories from A to Z Alison OK 0
Loksatta: संकलनाचा खजिना असलेली ही वेबसाईट बघाच! Alison OK 0
ActuaLitté: Un projet pilote pour favoriser la lecture chez les étudiants handicapés Alison OK 0
Berkeley Technology Law Journal: A Night Out With BTLJ at the Internet Archive Alison OK 0
Library Journal: Pilot Project: Internet Archive Helps Make Books Accessible For Students with Disabilities Alison OK 0
Journalist Resource: Five ways to find public figures’ yearbooks Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: The Best Websites and Web Apps for Making Use of Exactly One Hour of Free Time Alison OK 0
TNW: Meet the man archiving the internet Alison OK 0
Techdirt: Techdirt Podcast Episode 197: The Grand Re-Opening Of The Public Domain Alison OK 0
Hyperallergic: How the Re-Opening of the Public Domain “Has Allowed Us to Have Our Culture Back” Alison OK 0
NC State Philanthropy Journal News: Bitcoin: Fundraising for the Future Alison OK 0
Kim Komando: Time travel the internet with Wayback and Internet Archive founder Alison OK 0
PC: For the Mac's 35th Birthday, Emulate One in Your Browser Alison OK 0
XKCD: Internet Archive Alison OK 0
CHIP: Internet Archive: 115.000 digitalisierte Schallplatten kostenlos Alison OK 0
Il Foglio: L'archivio della conoscenza 2.0 Alison OK 0
CNet En Español: ¿No quieres pagar por Netflix? 10 servicios para ver películas y shows gratis Alison OK 0
National Geographic: How Silicon Valley is finally growing up (sort of) Alison OK 0
Forbes: Moving Beyond Social Media Towards News As "Big Data" In The Cloud Era Alison OK 0
Caitlin Tucker: Internet Archive: Go Back in Time with the Wayback Machine Alison OK 0
Forbes: Preserving Online News In An Ephemeral Web: A Look At Four Months Of Global Digital Journalism Alison OK 0
Portaltic: Las bibliotecas digitales: una lucha para preservar la radio y las páginas web contra la caída en el olvido Alison OK 0
Open Culture: 11,000 Digitized Books From 1923 Are Now Available Online at the Internet Archive Alison OK 0
Columbia Journalism Review: Backing up Brazil’s internet so Bolsonaro can’t censor it Alison OK 0
LWN.Net: Migrating the Internet Archive to Kubernetes Alison OK 0
Jbklutse: These are my 5 best websites for reading books online 2019 Alison OK 0
Hypable: Lost ‘SimCity’ NES prototype has resurfaced and is available to play Alison OK 0
Jbklutse: Can’t afford Netflix? Here are 6 best free streaming services Alison OK 0
DailyKos: The Internet Archive: A Library for All of Us. How Had I Never Known About It? Check it out! Alison OK 0
Quartz: How to emulate your childhood video game memories Alison OK 0
Medium: Charitable Crypto: Making the World a Better Place with Blockchain Alison OK 0
Root.CZ: Internet Archive žádá o finanční příspěvek, neznámý dárce částku ztrojnásobí Alison OK 0
Smithsonian Magazine: For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain Alison OK 0
BoingBoing: Charitable Giving Guide 2018 Alison OK 0
Research Buzz: A Couple of Quick Bookmarklets For Viewing a Suspended / Deleted Twitter User Alison OK 0
Library Journal: National Digital Stewardship Alliance Releases 2017 Web Archiving Survey Report Alison OK 0
Fast Company: The frantic, unprecedented race to save 700,000 NSFW Tumblrs for posterity Alison OK 0
NBC News: This is the Library of Alexandria 2.0 Alison OK 0
El Espectador: Internet Archive, el sueño de crear una biblioteca de Alejandría digital Alison OK 0
University of North Carolina Law Blog: Keyword Search The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine Alison OK 0
Forbes: Television And Geography As Big Data: Mapping A Decade Of Television News Alison OK 0
Wired: The Invisible Hit Parade: How Unofficial Recordings Have Flowered in the 21st Century Alison OK 0
PetaPixel: How to Keep Our Photo Websites Alive After We Die Alison OK 0
Harper's Magazine: Preservation Acts Alison OK 0
Library of Congress Blog: Sample a Taste of History This Thanksgiving! Alison OK 0
YBCA: QUANTOPIA: The Evolution of the Internet Alison OK 0
Open Culture: NASA Digitizes 20,000 Hours of Audio from the Historic Apollo 11 Mission: Stream Them Free Online Alison OK 0
Library Journal: Controlled Digital Lending Concept Gains Ground Alison OK 0
My Modern Met: The World’s Largest Collection of Buddhist Texts Is Now Available Online Alison OK 0
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Spot the Surveillance: A VR Experience for Keeping an Eye on Big Brother Alison OK 0
The New York Times: How to Find the Video Games of Your Youth Alison OK 0
Buddhist Door Global: Buddhist Digital Resource Center, Internet Archive Share World’s Largest Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Literature Alison OK 0
Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF Urges Supreme Court to Support Fair Use in TVEyes Case Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: 100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It Alison OK 0
Boogaloo Bag: Jumpin’ at the Archive! Alison OK 0
The Verge: The case for and against deleting your tweets Alison OK 0
The Kitchen Sisters: Keeper of the Day #1- The Free-Range Archivist: Jason Scott Alison OK 0
Motherboard: Winamp’s Relaunch Better Bring Back Winamp Skins Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: How Archivists Could Stop Deepfakes From Rewriting History Alison OK 0
Digital News Daily: TVEyes Garners Support In Battle With Fox Over Video Clips Alison OK 0
Le Temps: L'autre côté de la Silicon Valley (Ep. 3) Alison OK 0
Network World: Radical shake-up proposed for the internet Alison OK 0
Ars Technica: The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists” Alison OK 0
PC Actual: Internet Archive no quiere olvidarse de Winamp Alison OK 0
Fast Company: The Internet Archive wants to help you play your favorite Commodore 64 games Alison OK 0
Slate: You Can Now Read Mark Judge’s Book Without Paying Almost $2,000. But Is the Online Copy Legal? Alison OK 0
Medium: The Internet Archive Is Sucking Up All the Good Tech People Alison OK 0
The Intercept: The Internet Archive Publishes Brett Kavanaugh’s 1983 Yearbook, a Key Document in Nomination Battle Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: Mark Judge's Book Wasted Now Available for Free on the Internet Archive Alison OK 0
Business Insider: A historic, pre-Google section of the web that's been ‘frozen in time’ for over two decades is about to get destroyed — here’s how to see it before it's gone forever Alison OK 0
Motherboard: The Internet Archive Fixes 9 Million Broken Links on Wikipedia Alison OK 0
Gizmodo: Let's Make the World Wide Web a National Monument Alison OK 0
The Hustle: Inside Wayback Machine, the internet’s time capsule Alison OK 0
My Modern Met: You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free Alison OK 0
JaxEnter: Digital obsolescence: Saving software from the march of time Alison OK 0
CNews: Строится интернет, который невозможно заблокировать Alison OK 0
Wired: Things Break and Decay on the Internet—That's a Good Thing Alison OK 0
Fast Company: Ted Nelson’s old junk mail is a treasure trove for tech nerds Alison OK 0
Sputnik: Old Websites Vanishing Every Day as 'We Lose Far More Than We Save' - Professor Alison OK 0
The Guardian: Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web Alison OK 0
KQED: Imagination Abounds at Experimental Fest 'Soundwave (8) Infrastructure' Alison OK 0
The Register:'s Wayback Machine is legit legal evidence, US appeals court judges rule Alison OK 0
Quartz: Chrome is turning 10—here are 10 kinds of extensions that make it the best browser Alison OK 0
The Republic: AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrongly claims Google shunned speech Alison OK 0
United Federation of Teachers: Finding primary sources online Alison OK 0
Yahoo Business UK: 11 places for thrifty bookworms to download free e-books Alison OK 0
NBC Mach: NASA releases 19,000 hours of audio from historic Apollo 11 mission Alison OK 0
The Guardian: Film in the public domain: here be buried treasures Alison OK 0
Hhhhappy: Stream thousands of hours of free vintage footage with Prelinger’s Archives Alison OK 0
PC Hi-Tech: Come resuscitare un sito Web defunto con la Wayback Machine Alison OK 0
Voices of VR: Internet Archive’s Brewster Kahle on the Future of the Decentralized Web Alison OK 0
BT: From Amazon to eBay: See how your favourite websites used to look Alison OK 0
Lifehacker AU: How To Access The Internet Archive On The Decentralised Web Alison OK 0
The New Stack: The People Pushing for a Decentralized Web Alison OK 0
Bleeping Computer: Has Created a Decentralized or Dweb Version of Their Site Alison OK 0
Computing: Decentralising the web Alison OK 0
GHacks: You can now access a decentralized version of Alison OK 0
Les Echos: Ces activistes qui misent sur la blockchain pour réinventer le Web Alison OK 0
Medium: Activists & Archivists Convene to Build a Digital Utopia Alison OK 0
Lifehacker: The Easiest Way to Load a Broken Webpage Alison OK 0
Press-Republican: If a tree falls on the internet... Alison OK 0
Tuko: 8 best alternatives to Alison OK 0
VentureBeat: LGBTQ game history is fleeting — that’s why curation is necessary Alison OK 0
Reason: Fighting Back Against FOSTA: Reason Roundup Alison OK 0
New York Law Journal: Archiving the Internet: The 'Wayback Machine" in the Courts Alison OK 0
University World News: Project launched to improve web archiving worldwide Alison OK 0
Australian Financial Review: Remembering the way we were online can be fun and have legal implications Alison OK 0
Phillipine Daily Inquirer: Living in the era of Wayback Machine Alison OK 0

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