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The collection includes a broad range of software related materials including shareware, freeware, video news releases about software titles, speed runs of actual software game play, previews and promos for software games, high-score and skill replays of various game genres, and the art of f...

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CD-ROM Images
by Gateway, Inc & Microsoft, Inc. Uploaded by Dexter O'Reilly

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These discs are images of the Gateway Restore CD v. 1.03 that shipped with a number of Gateway models in the mid-to-late 90's. The first disc is the actual recovery CD-ROM (bootable) which is used to format the drives to factory paritioning schemes and automate the installation process. The second CD-ROM is the Windows 98 SE OEM image.  When the restore discs are used, these discs will detect what hardware is installed in your Gateway model, select appropriate drivers and automate installation...
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Topics: Win9x, NT, Gateway, recovery, restore, CD-ROM, OEM
CD-ROM Images
by Gateway/Microsoft

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Gateway ZX4351 All In One Restore DVD's. Also Restores Recovery Partition.
Topics: Gateway, ZX4351