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WATCH THIS IN THE DARK! We car camped at our friend's wilderness land in the Mendocino County mountains. (See also: day fun film .) Todd realized the shower's peak coincided with a new (no) moon so we went to try to see meteors and catch some on film! We have 4 time lapses. We used a Canon EOS-30D 8MP camera on a tripod, "slaved" via USB2.0 to a Sony VAIO laptop. When batteries croaked, we used an inverter to the cigarette lighter 8-). WATCH THIS IN THE DARK! Pictures: Each shot on...
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mashups, primarily from bootie mashup or played during one of their shows. I started this after hearing the amazing DNA Lounge Live: Bootie SF: Holiday Party (2011-12-10) 6-hour show and found most of the 15 songs I couldn't stop listening to. I've added another 15 songs I've heard from other shows, etc. Much of them are from/feature: A Plus D Divide & Kreate DJ Lobsterdust Titus Jones DJ Tripp etc. ENJOY!
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Star Wars re - remastered! What is wrong with this picture? (top is 2004 DVD; bottom is 1977 version DVD) (hints: added flying object; dewback; are those *roman soldiers*?!) Here's the problem: - you love Star Wars - you like high quality restored video and audio - you are a purist and didn't like the added computer graphics (CG) junk to the 2004 DVD box set version - you want the cleaned up video and audio, but without the baggage of those changes! (See the changes in the film side-by-side in...
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