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I'm about to sell, with some sadness, my 1978 Honda CB400A "Hondamatic" motorcycle. I have one last problem with it -- that's been baffling me for over a year. When I consolidated the speedometer and "idiot lights" to a svelte new cafe racer style chrome LED-based single instrument, I found that its neutral light was always on , no matter what gear. So I finally figured out a clever (if I may say so) way through research to use the "proverbial $7 part" from...
Topics: decaf, 1978 honda, hondamatic, CB400A, project bike, motorcycle, cafe racer, relay switch,...
Saving my 1978 Honda CB400A "Decaf" bike from a near fatal blow -- lower gasket blowout and huge oil leak ! (like, dumped a quart+ of oil in minutes while riding fast on highway at high temps). It was inadvertently overfilled with oil (my bad) and driven too hard (twin brother's not so good) combination that killed the Beast! Work with my twin brother (a very gifted self-and-internets-taught car and motorcycle moonlighting mechanic!), I as assistant especially for the entire...
Topics: cafe racer, CB400A, hondamatic, project bike, top end rebuild, valve job, timing belt adjustment,...