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by Tracey Jaquith

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After months of work, Russ finally gets his Ninja 600cc working! Hunter, Russ, and I celebrate with an 85-mile day trip during the three day weekend around Mount Diablo, through the legendary Morgan Territory. Ridden over: Oakland, Canyon, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Clayton, Morgan Territory, Danville, San Ramon, and home!
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Topics: decaf, cafe racer, motorcycle, honda, CB400A, harley davidson, sportster, ninja, kawasaki, farms,...
PoohBot Pictures
by Tracey Jaquith

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This is a short video demonstrating the " php-htm-mode " code editing in emacs for when there are multiple coding languages in the file in question. The mode is tailored to intermixed PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It can be forked and extended to other languages. This is much more readable playing the "HD" option and in fullscreen mode! (due to unusual width/height of the source video screen capture.) screen shots
Topics: emacs, php-htm-mode, code editing, php, html, css, js, javascript