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Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (10-Client Access Limit) [English] Identifiers: Sticker: CD SET X05-30434 J 510021810 Cover (back): 1099 Part No. X05-03346 Printed in Ireland: 95 Identifiers on CD1:     Part No.: X05-30444     Matrix: [hologram] ASP5006 X05-30442 (RSN6) 01     Mastering SID: IFPI L023     Mould SID: IFPI D701 Identifiers on CD2:     Part No.: X05-01586     Matrix: [Sonopress logo] X05-01584 03 01     Mastering SID: IFPI L022     Mould SID: IFPI D701
Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Family
Cover identifiers:     0603 Nr art. X09-63126 PL (Box, back side)     805529976375 (Box, back side sticker)     0504 Nr art. X10-52163 PL (Front sticker)     X09-60659 (License sticker) Disc 1 identifiers (Office 2003):     Part No.: X09-63153     Matrix: [hologram] ASP0425 X10-51373 (NM04) 01     Mastering SID: IFPI L128     Mould SID: IFPI 7Q09 Disc 2 identifiers (Business Contact Manager):     Part No.: X09-62247     Matrix: [hologram] ASP0425 X09-62264 (NM04) 02    ...
Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office Family
Machine Code Update Files & Discovery Tool Version 1.11.20 Release date (yyyy-MM-dd): 2007 Language (ISO 639-1): en Media details:      Manufacturer Part Number: LCD4-1170-09     Media Type: CD     Volume ID: NEW     Matrix: LCD4-1170-09 + A02 + GA56001 Recorded in USA     Mastering SID: IFPI L028     Mould SID: IFPI 10F1 This CD-ROM contains microcode updates for pSeries and RS/6000 systems, as well as discovery tools for use in AIX system environments. Several methods are...
Topics: IBM, IBM AIX