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Pirate Radio Airchecks
by Unknown Broadcaster, Recorded by Matt Blaze

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Recording of pirate radio station on 6950 KHz USB, playing pirate-themed Sea Shanties starting at 0005Z. Signal not strong, some static and interference. Recorded on January 16, 2021 by Matt Blaze, security researcher and Radio enthusiast. From a thread discussing the transmission, a list of aspects of the broadcast (not all covered in this mp3 recording): 2358 UTC "Enormous Penis"-Da Vinci's Notebook and dead air 0003 UTC Back up again with "Finer with Vaginer"-Rockett...
Topics: sea shanties, pirate radio, shortwave
Folkscanomy: Artwork
by (Stéphane Richard.)

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Click here to browse this directory. You can "view contents" inside the .ZIP files to see additional components of them. For years you may have known me through a fictional entity called "Wootha". Today I have decided to destroy this entity. In this text, I will explain to you what motivated this decision. Some major contingent events in our lives are like rhythms that, punctuating our lives accent after accent, remind us of our existence's essence. I recently lived one of...
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