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Folkscanomy Politics: Political Systems, Government and Democratic Organization
by The Leadership Institute (Based on Ted Cruz Lecture)

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Critical Race Theory, A Lecture by Senator Ted Cruz From the description of the download page: Leftists use Critical Race Theory to kill the American Dream. But brave conservatives are fighting back. The Leadership Institute asked Senator Ted Cruz to help conservatives like you understand the facts about Critical Race Theory. As part of the Leadership Institute’s School Board Campaign Training, Senator Cruz explained the Marxist origins and hateful intent of Critical Race Theory. He also made...
Topics: race, critical, crt, theory, racial, racist, theorists, capitalism, equality, pulitzer, critical...
Folkscanomy: Artwork
by (Stéphane Richard.)

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Click here to browse this directory. You can "view contents" inside the .ZIP files to see additional components of them. For years you may have known me through a fictional entity called "Wootha". Today I have decided to destroy this entity. In this text, I will explain to you what motivated this decision. Some major contingent events in our lives are like rhythms that, punctuating our lives accent after accent, remind us of our existence's essence. I recently lived one of...
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