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Software Library: Apple IIgs Games
by Jeremy Rand (Rand-Emonium Software)

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From BuGS is an implementation of an arcade classic for the Apple //gs.  You play the game using the mouse, moving your player to avoid the bugs and shoot them before they get you. If you have an ADB trackball, the game play is even better.  The game supports stereo cards and when present, bugs travelling across the screen right to left will have their sound pan right to left matching their movement. This game runs at 60 frames per second on a standard...
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Topics: arcade, bugs, insect invasion, Jeremy Rand, Apple IIgs
Folkscanomy: Artwork
by (Stéphane Richard.)

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Click here to browse this directory. You can "view contents" inside the .ZIP files to see additional components of them. For years you may have known me through a fictional entity called "Wootha". Today I have decided to destroy this entity. In this text, I will explain to you what motivated this decision. Some major contingent events in our lives are like rhythms that, punctuating our lives accent after accent, remind us of our existence's essence. I recently lived one of...
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