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Walmart Inc., the U.S. and world's largest grocery retailer, owns a perishables, grocery, and general merchandise distribution center network, which stores and distributes refrigerated and non-refrigerated food. Finding cost-effective strategies to implement solar and wind-powered electricity in their distribution centers was the central objective of this research. The study analyzed the tradeoffs and effects on costs and climate change impact related to the increase of renewable energy use in...
Topics: Food distribution center, Life cycle assessment, Non-refrigerated warehouse, Refrigerated...
Mendeley Climate Change Library
by Sofia R. Pauleta; Marta S.P. Carepo; Isabel Moura

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Nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming impact 300-fold higher than carbon dioxide. Due to its exponential increase in the atmosphere and its implications in climate change there is the need to develop strategies to mitigate its emissions and to reduce it to the inert dinitrogen gas. Only three enzymes have been reported to be able to reduce nitrous oxide, namely nitrogenase, one multicopper oxidase and nitrous oxide reductase, with the latter being the only one with a...
Topics: "CuA center, Denitrification, CuZ model compounds, Nitrous oxide, Nitrous oxide reductase"