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Nov 1, 2014 Direct Action Monterey Network

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Analysis of Actions and Interventions Against Police Murder in Salinas, CA
Topics: salinas, police, cops, spd, shootings, violence, demonstration, monterey, counterinsurgency,...
Folkscanomy Miscellaneous
2009 Books, North Light (North Light Books)

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Wedding Papercrafts by North Light Books
Topics: glue, paper, center, invitation, ribbon, cardstock, stamp, fold, wedding, trim, bone folder,...
The Festival Floppies
Jul 1, 1991 David H. Ransom, Jr.

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From the Festival Floppies collection. JPLCLOCK is a clock and event timer program written especially for use in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Multimission Computer Control Center (MCCC) in Pasadena, California. JPLCLOCK provides mission controllers in the MCCC with current JPL time (Pacific Standard or Daylight Time), UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), and DSN (Deep Space Tracking Network) times as well as up to 60 selected mission or event timers. A text presentation mode allows the...
Topics: jplclock, program, clock, time, dos, mission, timer, center, multimission, timeset, program...