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The Ultimate Tape Archive (C64)
Mar 21, 2019 The Ultimate Tape Archive Team

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Please note: This Archive has since been updated and is available in v2.0 here . The Ultimate Tape Archive V1.0 ******************************** Release date: 11th of December, 2018 Welcome to the most complete Commodore 64 cassette archive that exists. By complete, we do not mean it's all the titles ever made, but all tapes are complete with coverscans and manuals all in one place for you to enjoy.   We have used Tape Manager V1.3 ( to organize the content,...
Software Library: Apple Floppy Contributions
Nov 5, 2018 VMW Productions

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"This demo uses the vapor-lock/floating bus hack to find HBLANK/VBLANK on the Apple II. Each scene (except for the mode7 pseudo-3d scene) is then cycle counted with mid-screen mode switching to mix the TEXT / LORES / HIRES modes in ways not considered usually possible." Full run-through and explanation (including screenshots) at: Please note that at this current time (November 2018) the in-browser emulator does not successfully work with...
Topics: Megademo, Cycle Counting, Apple II, Multi-Mode