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Manuals: Contributions Inbox
by System Enhancement Associates

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SEAdog Electronic Mail System Version 4.0 - System Enhancement Associates, Inc.  SEAdog is a full-featured electronic mail system based on the personal computer and using standard telephone lines. It is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful. But above all, it is inexpensive to operate. It can be used to send and receive messages and/or files. Any sort of file can be sent using SEAdog, including programs, word processor files, binary data files, and spreadsheets. A CRC 16 error checking...
Manuals: Contributions Inbox
by iFixit and Many Volunteers

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To browse a text file of the contents of this archive, click here . To browse the contents of the archive to download individual PDFs, click here . The .bzip2 and .tar archives in this item are the same - consider carefully before downloading the files, as these are nearly 30 gigabytes in size. Hospitals are having trouble getting service information to fix medical equipment—and it’s not just a COVID-19 problem. We’ve heard countless stories from biomedical technicians (biomeds, for...
Manuals: Contributions Inbox
by Scot Kamins with Tom Jennings and Tim Pozar

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Fido The Book Preliminary Documentation to Fido v12 August, 1987 Written by Scot Kamins  With assistance from Tom Jennings and Tim Pozar  FIDO is a complete stand-alone BBS/electronic packet mail system. Use the bulletin board  section as a public or private center for up to 200 special interest topics and as a general  medium for the exchange of information; use the mail system to exchange files and messages  of any length with any of 2000 other FidoMail nodes in 50 states and 17...