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The authors regret that the references used in Table 1 and 2 must be corrected so that readers will not be misled. Specifically, the references listed in Table 1 should be corrected to [1] “Taiwan Council of Agriculture (TCOA). Annual Statistics of Taiwanese Agricultural Commodities. Taipei:TCOA, 2017.” and (a):[44]. [2] The reference of FASOM listed in Table 2 should be corrected to the “Agricultural Sector Model (ASM)”. [3] To reflect the contribution of the affiliations where the...
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Taiwan aims to replace all nuclear power with renewable energy by 2025, and thus how much electricity from such sources can actually sustain or improve its energy structure must be thoroughly evaluated. This study is designed to explore the Taiwan's bioenergy potential in the face of climate change and climate-induced crop yield change. Multiple bioenergy technologies and energy crops and residuals are embedded in a two-stage stochastic programming with recourse model to discover their...
Topics: Stochastic programming, Sweet potato vine