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The Homebrew Cloud
by st4rk; gdkChan

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3DNES is an NES( Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator for Nintendo 3DS, developed by St4rk and gdkChan. The project is on an initial phase. It’s capable of emulating many games( with speed going from great to somewhat slow), and already supports some mappers. However, it doesn’t have support for sound yet.
Topics: Homebrew, Nintendo 3DS, Emulator
The Homebrew Cloud
by AlbertoSONIC

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Today i introduce you to a basic but usefull 3DS Homebrew: Quick Reboot! With this app you can quickly reboot your 3ds! It also has a security check: if this app gets booted with the L button held, it doesn't reboot. This is usefull if you opened Quick Reboot App by accident...
Topics: Homebrew, Nintendo 3DS, General Tool