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Free and Open-Source Software for Video Game Development
by Carsten Fuchs Software

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Cafu Engine is a game engine developed by Carsten Fuchs Software, available under the MIT License . For preservation's sake, I'm uploading the entire Git repository, cloned from the official Bitbucket repository with GitHub Desktop . At the moment of this writing, the latest commit was on February 11, 2020 . I will also add the file available on the BitBucket repository . Checksums: cafu-20210102.7z | SHA-1: 00b2130654c5919c7e5bc529439c93e20cb2018c / SHA-256:...
Topics: Cafu Engine, Carsten Fuchs Software, Source code, Game Engine, Open-Source Software, Free Software,...
Game Source Code: Computer Games
by Adept Software

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Source code for the 1993 shareware DOS video game God of Thunder by Adept Software. On March 27, 2020, Ron Davis released the source code for the game (along with the sound assets) into the public domain on SourceForge . The original release included two files: | SHA-1: ef2eb369585696fff23b45b31b3da22e49ca5db1 / MD5: d5d1d7d5d32f6f835acb5fa38aecdce6 / CRC32: 2918393a. | SHA-1: ce0daaf1ed004a4182b04e60579e844b77ed5c58 / MD5: 072caa25a199d6ca325b49c265a06fc8 / CRC32:...
Topics: God of Thunder, Adept Software, Software Creations, DOS, Source code, Public-domain software,...