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Free and Open-Source Software for Video Game Development
- GarageGames

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Torque 2D MIT is a free and open-source game engine based on Torque 2D and iTorque 2D developed by GarageGames and available under the terms of the MIT License on GitHub . Torque 2D MIT 3.4 was released on May 9, 2018 on GitHub . As of April 27, 2021, this is the latest stable version as provided by GarageGames. Checksums (SHA-256): 6611d76e43ba2dc15c8b1bcfe0d43ecf485333ff0c29a4ff87dc72a168fe5a88.
Topics: Torque 2D, iTorque 2D, Torque Game Builder, iTGB, GarageGames, Game Engine, Open-Source Software,...
Free and Open-Source Software for Video Game Development
- Ethan Lee

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FNA is a framework reimplementation of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh libraries developed by Ethan Lee (flibitijibibo) based on MonoGame available under the terms of the Microsoft Public License on GitHub . Checksums for the January 1 release (SHA-256): a27247c7d82b6a0bd1c6f6e234b28c993075397348d18076e3dff7cf5d203c1a. e223c0951d7ed01bbbd649ecbd3efe9650dde3661d416b6f2818a9aee178eccc. FNA-18.01.tar.gz:...
Topics: FNA, MonoGame, The MonoGame Team, Ethan Lee, Game Engine, Open-Source Software, Free Software,...