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Free and Open-Source Software for Video Game Development
by GarageGames

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Torque 3D is the best full source, open source solution available. It is also our flagship engine built on the core strengths of our Front Line Award-winning Torque Game Engine Advanced. Torque 3D has been re-architected for maximum flexibility and performance across a wide-range of hardware. Torque 3D comes equipped with a full suite of tools to allow your team to excel and produce high-quality games and simulations. Torque 3D supports Windows and Browser-based web deployment out of the box....
Topics: Torque 3D, GarageGames, Game Engine, Open-Source Software, Free Software, MIT License
Free and Open-Source Software for Video Game Development
by Ethan Lee

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FNA is a framework reimplementation of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh libraries developed by Ethan Lee (flibitijibibo) based on MonoGame available under the terms of the Microsoft Public License on GitHub . Checksums for the January release (SHA-256): 2a7266d80a3e2d5930be63be5a1718eb1088b4569dd9cf76e73b5df84a208e7a. d9cf65c34d7f0b09ac9543d696a9790435d125230372efa7106866e9a9877a38. FNA-17.01.tar.gz:...
Topics: FNA, MonoGame, The MonoGame Team, Ethan Lee, Game Engine, Open-Source Software, Free Software,...