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The GPL release of Plan 9 from Bell Labs. Source: ( specific file ). Image source: Plan 9 from Bell Labs ( specific file ).
Topics: Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, Open-Source Software, Free Software, Lucent...
Community Software
- Alcachofa Soft

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Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back is a 1996 graphic adventure for DOS developed by Alcachofa Soft. In 2008 Alcachofa Soft set it as freeware. And in 2010, it was released in DotEmu . On March 20, 2017 , DotEmu announced the closure of its online store, to be effective on June 1 of the same year. For preservation purposes, I'm uploading the binaries of the game. Checksums (Drascula_v0.9.exe): MD5: a317c2fa0ac475e0a2ffc5c26a4fbed2. SHA-1: 838429cabb3695e2c8470c7c6a6ebbe5dc0ef76a. SHA-256:...
Topics: Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back, Drascula, Alcachofa Soft, DotEmu
Community Software
- Chukong Technologies

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cocos2d-x  is a free and open-source framework developed by  Chukong Technologies , available under the  MIT License . cocos2d-x 2.2.6 was released on December 15, 2014 on GitHub . Checksums (SHA-256): 89e93729d4fea6b88882947e464a5495fc730e88ee60918f02262e8d7d82b799. Source ( specific file ). 1dc20e3788adde99439b70e3e05f0eba9fee7168580fc3f1e4aab9ebecb19276. cocos2d-x-cocos2d-x-2.2.6.tar.gz:...
Topics: cocos2d, cocos2d-x, Ricardo Quesada, Chukong Technologies, Game Engine, Open-Source Software, Free...