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THE VERY BEGINNING.. It was quite a while ago...about 4 years ago or so...Johannes started to play the holy mighty guitar, and he did it with class. Later on he met a bass playing long hairy fella' that was named Kristian. Kristian and Johannes sat down and started to play together...though...Johannes thought that Kristan should play the guitar instead...and so he did! A while later, they met Tomas, who they started their first band with...the band was called...Evil Snigels. THREE BECOMES...
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3rd Level Is the next level in R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop. It's the creation for the un-used portion of your mind... The conception of music to create listening pleasure for mind body and the soul. E-Everlast is the new front runner for music that says something..
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Amethyst was founded in 1995, when Norbert, Ayhan and Wil started a school band. Over the years, people came and go, and only in the beginning of 1999, Amethyst started to be more serious. The line-up seemed to be final with Ayhan, Norbert, Michael, Alex, Bjorn and Serge. Sad to say, Norbert has since left to focus on another band based in Amsterdam, and so has Michael, who wanted to focus on another style... Ivo joined the band originally as a replacement for the keys, but became our new...
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I've tried different bands and nothing seems to work so I decided to go solo. I am a solo musician who plays guitar,bass,keys, and drums. The music I write is instrumental Metal music with New Age and Classical music elements. This music goes from Heavy to mellow Classical interludes throughout the album. Some songs have both heavy and slower parts. Some are slower and some are just plain in your face Metal. I like Instrumental music because it paints a picture for the listener without any...
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The first clip from the upcoming DC Nation short starring Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld. DC Nation airs Saturdays on Cartoon Network.
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MOCAGH.ORG: Zenobi: thief hints
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