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Historical Software Collection
by Sega/VAdaPEGA

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Sonic 1 Boomed (aka Sonic the Hedgehog Boom) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by VAdaPEGA. It adds the voice acting from later Sonic releases to the original Sonic for Sega Genesis (released 1991). "I Love Rings!"
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Internet Arcade
by Sega

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Shadow Dancer (シャドー・ダンサー) is a side-scrolling action game produced by Sega originally released as an arcade game in 1989. It is the second arcade game in the Shinobi series, following the original Shinobi itself. The game was developed on the Sega System 18 motherboard hardware. Home versions were released for the Master System and various home computers. A loose adaptation was also developed for the Mega Drive/Genesis titled Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi. A terrorist...
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