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Jan 18, 2009 DJ Z-Trip

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This item contains two music mixes produced by DJ Z-Trip supporting Barack Obama in his successful election to President of the United States. Mix 1 was presented at "Party for Change" election fundraisers in Fall 2008. Mix 2 was released in advance of Obama's presidential inauguration in January 2009. Packages of both mixes available in .zip format at were downloaded from there and mirrored here as their original zips. The individual .mp3 versions of the tracks,...
Topics: music, politics, vote, inauguration, president
Man Or Astroman?
Nov 1, 2000 Man Or Astroman?

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Spectrograph Reading of the Varying Phantom Frequencies of Chronic Incurable Tinnitus; Theme from EEVIAC; Song for the Two Mile Linear Particle Accelerator, Stanford University, Stanford, California; Television Fission; Preparation Clont; Within One Universe There Are Millions; Engines of Difference; Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together at a Rave and Schmoozing with a Brick; Um Espectro Sem Escala; Trapezoid; Interstellar Hardrive; Curious Constructs of Stem-like Devices Which...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: SBD radio broadcast
Oct 14, 2000 Mermen

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Latinia, Falling Up, Sponge Cookie, The Goodbye, Casbah, Be My Noir, Scalp Salad, Quiet Surf, Hammerhead, Walking the Peach, El Aguila (Astronauts), The Victor (Dick Dale) , Pressure (Pyramids) With No Definite Future..., Splashing With The Mermaid, Unto The Resplendent, Adventures in Paradise, Emmylou Rides Clarence West Then South, Burn, Ocean Beach, The Silly Elephant Who Came To Tea
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Topics: Rock, Psychedelic, Surf
Source: Multiple onstage mics: SM57 - both Jim's and Jennifer's cabinets, Octava MK012 - X/Y on drums, and on kick drum > Mackie 104 VLZ-Pro mixer > HHb PortaDat
Jun 20, 2000 Mermen

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Lonely Playboy, Falling Up, Dragonfly, Walking The Peach, Silly Elephant Who Stomped To Tea, Burn, Splashin' With The Mermaid, Unto The Resplendent, Hammerhead
Topics: Rock, Psychedelic, Surf
Source: Schoeps CCM4s (ORTF, stage lip) > Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD500e