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Man Or Astroman?
Apr 11, 2006 Man Or Astroman?

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Engines of Difference, Theme from EEVIAC, Escape Velocity, Onward Through This Bumblefuck of Wires*, Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together at a Rave and Schmoozing with a Brick , Junk Satellite, Preparation Clont, Within One Universe There Are Millions, A Reversal Of Polarity, Classified, Very Subtle Elevators, Song for the Two Mile Linear Particle Accelerator, Stanford University, Stanford, California > Television Fission, A Simple Text File, Trapezoid, Name of Numbers,...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: Audience: Audio Technica lavalier condenser mic > Sharp MD-MT15
Man Or Astroman?
Jun 1, 2005 Man Or Astroman?

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Maximum Radiation Level, Television Fission, Escape Velocity, 9-Volt, ---Classified---, Specify Gravity, Don't Think What Jack, Man Made Of CO2, Invasion Of The Dragonmen, Junk Satellite, Rocketship XL-3, Destination Venus, Name Of Numbers, Yo Yo's Pad, The Miracle Of Genuine Pyrex, Special Agent Conrad Uno
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Topic: Live concert
Source: Sony ECM-737 (microphone in shirt pocket)> Sony D7 (DAT @48khz)
Sep 2, 2003 Mermen

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Casbah, Ocean Beach, Soul Surfin', With No Definite Future..., Stinky Kitty, Ghost Riders In The Sky > Emmylou Rides Clarence South Then West, Be My Noir, Crash, Dragonfly, Happy Christmas (war is over), Carol Of The Bells, Curve
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Topics: Rock, Psychedelic, Surf
Source: unknown onstage mics > CD-R (taped directly to CD-R)