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Man Or Astroman?
by Man Or Astroman?

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Television Fission, Special Agent Conrad Uno, Rocketship XL-3, U-Uranus, Inside The Atom, Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra, Escape Velocity, 24 Hours, Invasion Of The Dragonmen, A Mouthful Of Exhaust, Planet Collision, 9-Volt, Maximum Radiation Level, 400,000.37 Miles, Name Of Numbers, Destination Venus, ---Classified---, Nitrous Burnout, Principles Unknown
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Topic: Live concert
Source: Sony ECM-737 (microphone in shirt pocket)> Sony D7 (DAT @48khz)
Goodman Brothers
by Goodman Brothers

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Set 1: Walk The Streets Alone, Birthday Card, Keep Your Shirt On, Your Love Is All I Need, Yes Im Blue, Win Your Love, I Wonder If John Garfield Went To Heaven, Lost Highway, I Know How (To Take Care Of You), Where Are You Tonight, Girl Unusual, Help Me Ive Fallen, Hes Just A Friend, Clair So Rare, Alls Fair In Love & War, Please Baby Please, What Slips Through Your Fingers, Best Things In Life, Hey There Baby, Daddys Got To Play The Blues Set 2: Solitaire, Supernatural, Refuge In Your...
Topic: Live concert
Source: SBD > ? > DAT