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by Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences

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Organic minerals are natural organic compounds with both well-defined chemical composition and crystallographic properties; their occurrences show traces of the high concentration of certain organic compounds in natural environments. Thus the origin and formation process of organic minerals will lead us to understand the fate and behavior of the organic molecules in the lithosphere. All of each organic mineral can be classified into the one of following two groups: ionic organic minerals in...
by Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences

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Prosopite is an alumino–fluoride of calcium mineral. The chemical compositions of prosopite samples obtained from Zacatecas (Mexico), Ivigtut (Greenland), and Katugin deposit (Eastern Siberia, Russia) were determined using scanning electron microscopy and energy–dispersive X–ray spectroscopy. The fluorine content (in apfu) was between 4 and 5, and those less than 4 were not observed. The empirical formula derived as a mean of chemical compositions of multiple grains from Ivigtut is...