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- Patrick Sharkey, Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, and Delaram Takyara

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Abstract:  Largely overlooked in the theoretical and empirical literature on the crime decline is a long tradition of research in criminology and urban sociology that considers how violence is regulated through informal sources of social control arising from residents and organizations internal to communities. In this article, we incorporate the “systemic” model of community life into debates on the U.S. crime drop, and we focus on the role that local nonprofit organizations played in the...
Topic: blacklivesmatter
DOI.ORG Referenced Papers Mirror
- Casey Delehanty, Jack Mewhirter, Ryan Welch and Jason Wilks

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Abstract:  Does increased militarization of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) lead to an increase in violent behavior among officers? We theorize that the receipt of military equipment increases multiple dimensions of LEA militarization (material, cultural, organizational, and operational) and that such increases lead to more violent behavior. The US Department of Defense 1033 program makes excess military equipment, including weapons and vehicles, available to local LEAs. The variation in the...