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Academic Data and Datasets
- Alexander V. Georgiev; Diana Christie; Kevin A. Rosenfield; Angelina V. Ruiz-Lambides; Elizabeth Maldonado; Melissa Emery Thompson; Dario Maestripieri

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Explaining intraspecific variation in reproductive tactics hinges on measuring associated costs and benefits. Yet, this is difficult if alternative (purportedly less optimal) tactics remain unobserved. We describe a rare alpha-position take-over by an immigrant male rhesus macaque in a population where males typically gain rank via succession. Unusually, male aggressiveness after the take-over correlated with rank and mating success. The new alpha achieved the highest mating and reproductive...
This data provides the topics identified by our approach BOUN-TI, on the data collected from Twitter while the 2012 U.S.A. presidential debates were holding. The dataset also provides tf values of words in a Wikipedia snapshot, and the values required to gain idf values of words. Word frequency distribution of an interval of Twitter english public stream tweets' is provided.